Purchaser's Permits

Lost or Stolen Identification (ID) Card / Mutilated ID Card / Change of Address / Change of Sex / Change of Name

You must possess a firearms ID card (if not, see initial firearms application) and have a valid driver’s license with correct Franklin Borough address.


You must log on to the New Jersey State Police website. There is a fee of $20 payable with a debit or credit card.

  1. Select the Online Form 212A
  2. Go to the ORI tab and fill in: NJ0190600 for Franklin Borough

Follow instructions and enter necessary information, upon completion of the form you will receive an email confirmation and receipt that will include a PCN number. Return a copy of this with your application.

Submit Forms

Go to the New Jersey State Police website and obtain the following firearms forms:

  • Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit (PDF)
    • Fill out completely, if something does not apply to you please enter N/A.
    • Please check the appropriate box(s) at the top of application and if you choose to purchase a handgun please enter the amount of purchaser’s permits you are requesting. (Purchaser’s permits are good for 90 days and can be renewed for an additional 90 days at the discretion of the Chief of Police. You can use one permit every 30 days.)
    • Line 29 A and B are your references, please choose two individuals that do not reside with you or each other and provide complete name, address with zip code and phone number (i.e. choose Mr. or Mrs. Jones, not both). Please choose someone that will respond to our written request promptly as this can delay the completion time.
    • Do not sign or date this must be done in person at the station.
  • Consent for Mental Health Record Search (PDF)
    • Please fill out completely do not sign or date as this must be witnessed by an officer at time of signature.
  • Municipal Police Records Check (PDF)
    • This form must be completed by the applicant both Part I and Part II and sent to:
      Franklin Borough Police Department
      15 Corkhill Road
      Franklin, NJ 07416
      Phone 973-827-7700
      Fax: 973-827-1486


  • Application fee is $5 payable by check to the Franklin Borough Police Department or cash/exact amount only (receipts given).
  • Purchaser’s Permit fee $2 each payable by check to the Franklin Borough Police Department or cash/exact amount only (receipts given).

Application Return

Once all the paperwork is complete and online 212A form has been completed call to make an appointment for application return. This must be done in person by the applicant and during record hours. You will be require to sign and date paperwork at this time, witnessed by a Franklin Borough Police Officer. For more information, contact Records at 973-827-9635.