Chief's Corner

Welcome to the Franklin Borough Police Department website. As Chief of Police I am proud and honored to work alongside our dedicated officers providing our residents and visitors a safe place to visit, live, and work. The Franklin Borough Police Department provides municipal policing services to our residents within the Borough.

The Franklin Borough Police Department is the primary agency responsible for providing all police services to the Borough of Franklin. The Franklin Borough Police was established in 1915. The Franklin Borough Police Department is a community-oriented organization that provides law enforcement service. These services include patrol, investigations, traffic safety and crime prevention activities. 


Our department, commanded by Police Chief Eugene McInerney is staffed 24 hours a day by a staff of 16 sworn officers including:

  • Chief
  • Administrative Lieutenant
  • Patrol Lieutenant
  • Three Patrol Sergeants
  • Two Detectives One of whom is a Sergeant
  • Nine Patrol Officers

The Chief is assisted by an administrative assistant and Records Clerk, Wendy Burdge.

About the Borough

  • Franklin Borough was incorporated in 1913
  • Located in Sussex County in beautiful Northwestern NJ
  • Population of just under 5,000 people with an area of 4.6 square miles
  • Designated by the NJ legislature as the “Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World”
  • Widely recognized for its mining history and rich zinc and iron ore bodies containing more than 150 minerals, many of which have fluorescent properties and some found nowhere else in the world


On October 1, 1915 the Franklin Borough Police Department came into being, with the hiring of its first mounted police officer and Chief Herbert C. Irons. Franklin Borough’s Mayor at the time, Elwood Shuster, recruited the man who would become legendary in the area as a member of law enforcement. Today The Franklin Borough Police Department consists of a Chief, administrative Lieutenant, Patrol Lieutenant, three patrol sergeants, and two detectives one of whom is a Sergeant and nine patrol officers.


The Franklin Borough Police Department was recognized for 100 Years of Service in 2015. While policing has seen drastic changes in technology and strategy the essence of the job remains the same for Franklin Borough officers, to serve and protect the community, whatever it takes. My job as the Chief of Police is to make sure that all of our officers go above and beyond to make sure our community is safe and take whatever means necessary to make the quality of life as good as it can be in the borough.

The officers of the Franklin Borough Police Department approach their responsibility to protect and serve with a focus on community policing. We subscribe to the six pillars of policing in the 21st century which include:

  • Building Trust
  • Crime Reduction
  • Officer Wellness and Safety
  • Policy Development
  • Technology
  • Training

We take pride in working with our community and our law enforcement partners. I invite you to partner with us in our effort to develop strong ties with the community to prevent crime from flourishing.


Our website is one way we communicate with those we serve. Your input and your suggestions are encouraged and welcome. Should you have a comment or a question, please do not hesitate to contact me at 973-827-7700, ext. 230 or email me. Anonymous information and or tips can be reported to our detectives at 973-827-7700, ext. 231 or 237.

I am extremely proud of the professional and dedicated personnel of the Franklin Borough Police Department and I hope you enjoy visiting the Department through our website. Your input and continued support are very much appreciated.